Africa Arise!

Satisfaction has never brought about progress.
Discontentment is the fuel for development.
The greatest tragedy any nation could ever face is to have a people who are satisfied with the present state of everything.
All You see is not all there is, and all there is is not all there can be!
Progress is needed, and we (as individuals) play the core parts in our progress!

Africa has a hope, and our hope is brighter than anyone can see!


Challenge the Present!

Continually, we must be bent on taking decisions that challenge status quo.
Status quo is not all that society can be, nor is it the best state of society. We would have to continually aim at improvements.
Status quo must continually be challenged!
Our uniqueness must be felt.

Have a nice day, all the best in Your endeavors.

The Resolve!

Yes, we would fall, faint, and feel very weak along the path. But the goal of our weakness is to make us stronger!
The goal, if we faint, is to build strength. And when we feel weak, it is so that, we can build our strengths.

Be strong, and keep the determination. The end is sure —- Glorious!

Have a great day, enjoy to the fullest … And keep giving Your best efforts in whatever!

Love Is The Greatest!

We would hardly have anything in a form of grudge with anyone, if we’d always lived out of love, seeking to do only those things which we loved.
Love promotes peace, and is ready to take the lowest paths in life.
Learn to love, and let’s love lead! — Love is the greatest, it is greatness, and it is the path to greatness!
Have a great day, and enjoy every bit of it!

Keep Today, Today.

Obliviousity about the affairs of tomorrow is shrouded in the mysteries of the unknown. We can only know as much as today teaches.
Keep away from being stressed out, and focus just on today, and its details. Tomorrow is another today!

Have a nice day, enjoy a Blessed week, and enjoy!

Simply Grace.

Nobody deserved anything.
We are simply Graced! Now, when we talking about Grace, we are talking about God … so simply keep shut, and focused.
Seek to be a Blessing to someone daily; in the smallest or biggest way possible.

Stay Blessed, and enjoy every bit of today!


Conformity to status quo is a divine crime. We must rise to affect society with our own uniqueness.
Society would forever try to fashion You into how it wants, but we would have resolve not to allow this. Instead, we must make society how we want it to be!

Enjoy Your Saturday!