Why We Fall!

We fall to rise
The path is slippery
Yet the ground is not our destination
So when we fall, its an indication sign that we stand well lest we fall again
Because we are human, we are sure to faint somewhere out there
But let learn to rise again
Because the ground is not our destination


There is a purpose for which we have been called unto
And advantageously, provisions have been made for You
To accomplish what You have been called unto
Look down within Yourself
Those things which You love are clues to Your calling
Ride on those provisions around You and accomplish Your purpose
The world awaits You!


The race of life is not with men
Nor is it before men
It is however for men
The race of life is with God
And it is before God
And, men are supposed to be benefactors of Your achievements

Life’s Unto God. And must be lived with all optimism!

Enjoy His Presence!

God is Great
And every argument must hold in His Presence
Even as You step into the day
Mostly, into the gathering of the saints,
Remove any form of grudges You may be holding against anyone
It’s false having a grudge against someone and yet claim to be forgiven of God
Enjoy today with all purity in soul!

Believe and Act!

The world could be a stage
The world could be a classroom
Yet still, You may view the world as a workshop!
Whatever You believe is what is gonna happen for You
Believe right
Act in alignment
And sure, You gon get there!


Weakness would be felt
But how we go about it is the solution!
In our weak moments, let’s hang in.
It is in these times we are being prepared even most
Chaffs are removed
And strength is infused into us by our knowledge of our weakness and the need to rely on a force greater than our might! — The Godforce!
In those down moments, let’s keep the hope alive
The hope for which we live for!