Know Who You Speak To!

Having a baby?
Getting a new car?
Getting married?
Going back to school/college?
Got a new job; Got promoted?

We always have plans of doing so many things but end up accomplishing very few of these plans!
Have You sat down to ponder why?

The people we share our  intents with are of great influence on the success of these plans.

Know that, jealousy is as powerful as voodoo

And that, it is great we make plans, and very good that we have people around with whom we can share these plans but You should exercise great caution who You speak to.

Choose friends wisely!



Everyday, opportunities come for assignments to be accomplished
However, we must be smart enough to realize them when they come
Always be conscious of Your assignment that You may be able to realize these opportunities
They are always around You, not very far…but very near You!
It takes consciousness of Your assignment to realize them!

Enjoy June!

Happy New Month Everyone!!!
It’s June, and the year is getting awesome by each day!
Hallelujah, Hurray!!!
Even as it is a new month, may God refresh You in everything that concerns You.
May He Grant You new beginnings in everything You do and elevate You to a higher position than the last month.
Stay blessed everyone, Love Y’all!