Pushing Thro’

In the most difficult times, its our vision that saves us. Its not about our tenacity, or ability to endure that holds us, but what we see. Its what we see ahead that keeps us through the troubles. If you have a very good vision, Good! – you are admirable because you are one of those strong people in the world, but to you who have a very blurry vision, my empathy is high towards You. You have got to go back, re-strategize, and face life!

Welcome, October … Folks, you are welcome to October!
I pray you make the best out of this month!


Happy Birthday, Nigeria!

On this day in the year 1960 AD, a great nation was birthed out onto the continent of Africa. This nation is the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It is with great enthusiasm that I stand to join Nigerians in the celebration of this special day in their history.

Happy Anniversary to all Nigerians. Those on their native lands, alongside those abroad. We stand with You as You celebrate this remarkable day in Your history. It is our hope that, Your leadership would come to uphold the ideals of the founding fathers. And that, alongside the other leaders on this great continent, we would move Africa to its destiny!

Long live Nigeria!
Long live Africa!!!

Enjoy October, Everyone!


Only Possibles!

Within the spheres of belief, there exists nothing like impossibility.
Impossibility is only an issue of the faithless! But we have faith, because we believe in love.
Life must be lived with love!
Any Hallelujahist, here?

Hope Your week is been great so far?
Joy around today as well

Be Good!

Never accept a bad reputation from anyone, because its not good.
Strive to be in the good books of everyone, most especially God. I said “strive” because You must do Your best, but that’s ok if everyone does not accept You. Just keep Your head straight and look forward — forward must be the goal.

Have a nice day, friend!



Make An Impact!

You do not have to know much things to do much things.

Just begin doing something with what You already know, and greater understanding, and deeper insights would be given as You do those things.
The greatest tragedy of existence is a lack of impact.
Make one! … You are capable!

Have a blessed day, and enjoy Your week!