An Independence Day Message to Ghanese

On the 6th of March 1957, the country Ghana was birthed as a new nation-state. Having its present name inspired from the “Old Ghana empire”, the country is now 61 years old. With rough and rugged leaderships experiences by the nation, it continues to stand out as the hope of Africa in most respects. This is due to the several factors, of which, the reason of God stands out.

Our knowledge of freedom, thought by some as good and others as vice versa continues to serve as the core of our nationhood. I am of the opinion that, an analysis of the impact of the knowledge of freedom by the Ghanaian must be left unanalyzed to the contemporary citizen of the country. Therefore, whether its been for our good, or the bad, we, as citizens (not spectators) must continue to keep the positive hope up. And surely, we know, that bright day looms on us.


All peoples in the world are equal, but Ghanaian have, and would continually stand out!


God Bless our Homeland Ghana, and make Her Great and Strong!


Happy Independence Day to all Ghanaian.


What are Your Thoughts?

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