Greatness Within

Greatness is within. Don’t look anywhere for satisfaction of greatness, look within.

Its good to pick clues from without, but the ultimate is within.

Have a nice day, Friend!




You may never have any person to trust, but that does not takeaway the truth that there are trustworthy people out there.

Trust should be difficult to gain and to loose, and you should always be conscious of your stance in any trust affair.

Have a nice day!




Keep the Courage

You may never know who is looking up to you. Therefore never loose courage, be strong and refuse to be broken.
You were meant for whatever that you see to be a barrier.
Develop your attitude so that it can soar in all altitudes.

Keep the courage, be strong and have a Blessed day.
Take charge over your week!


I may have learnt not that much but I have few experiences that I am proud to always have the opportunity to share, from the few days of my trek on crust earth. Significant among these experiences to share is the need to stay grateful. I have for long experienced the power of the divine. And in these experiences, the potency of gratitude have severally been made manifest; it has been re-emphasized within me long enough that I would encourage us to be grateful always, and never allow complaints to sink down within. All things are for you. Just stay grateful, and you would realize how everything is working toward your good.

Gratitude invokes the power from within which is able to give us the power to surge forward in endeavors carried out of passion. Just be passionate about what you do, stay grateful, and you would be able to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Have a Great day …

Rest Not!

Those times when we would feel accomplished, relaxed and okay  always snare us. But then, we need to know that, as long as we live, there is no such time as that.

In this, I stand by the belief of ardent ‘Katangees’ in this institution (KNUST) that, ‘rest not‘ … Indeed, we must rest not, until that bane which causes backwardness is uprooted, and that which not only brings, but encourages progress, and positive dynamism is instituted.

We must embrace unity, celebrate our diversity, and build solidarity amongst ourselves as students, one in body!

Goodmorning UST, Goodmorning Teknocrats
I hope the break is having its effects.

Have great days ahead, everyone!

Goodmorning November

Its a new a month according to the Gregorian calendar.
Happy New Month to all readers. Thanks for the follow.
Let me use this opportunity to thank you for hitting the follow button, and reading. God richly bless you.
This’ the month of November, the eleventh. Keep the brace on. We’ve made it very far now, its not about the shortcomed days, let’s instead keep our focus on the lessons learnt.
Keep the focus, Stay positive.

Have a blessed 30-days ahead as preparations are being made to conclude another 365-day period.


Helloo, KNUST!

Okay, so that moment is once again here.
Its called mid-semester exams.
To the first years, its your first ever university exams. Relax, don’t fall to the pensive winds that would be stirred around you. This exams is simply another form of exams; the difference however is that, examination questions can never cross-bound out of those topics indicated in the course outline. So technically, the questions are within bound.
To the second years, of course, that’s something you must have become used to by now. Give it your best short!
To my fellows in our third year, Woow … We’ve come so far already, by now, I know most of us are so poised for action. Just keep the flow on! –  no negativity!

I salute all seniors, fourth, fifth, and sixth years. All the best in your assignments.
Your prowess is commendable; you would remain an inspiration to us.
All the best!

As the university launches into its mid-semester period. I would just like to encourage us all to keep in remembrance that, posterity looks towards us … What then would be our mark in it?

Make that mark, its your season!
All the best everyone!
Always keep the focus!