Throughout the generations of all who traversed the fields of UST, there have been BUT only one motivation for everyone who made it out successfully and fulfilled.

That motivation has been the desire and the passion to fulfill their duty.

The desire to fulfill our duty is intrinsic. And it is good!

I believe it is time we make this happen; the time for us to begin #The New Era.

We are privileged to be handed the onus to set that period into motion.

It’s time, UST … #Let’sBeginTheNewEra✊

An Era of True Advocacy and Proactive Service


How The Streets Are Taking Our “Future”: Child beggars in Ghana.

Am very sure Ghana is but a fragment of the entire equation of Child beggars.

This post is thorough and I believe other continental leaders might find it liberating!


A Message From Noah

To Technocrats

A new semester is here. One that offers us the opportunity not just to begin afresh in our academics, but also our campus life.
This is semester two in 2017/2018 academic year. Begin with a clear head, accept no distractions and always keep the focus on.
Its my wish that, your new year resolutions for this semester be met.

May all things required come at your disposal this semester to help you achieve these resolutions.

Have a great semester and enjoy the newness of everything, Technocrat.
I am still Noah. Your Friend and Advocate.

The New Era ’18
Service || Advocacy || Proactivity




The End of Injustice

Who do I hush out with?
Who do I ponder the stiffness of life, and the unbalanced hand of justice with?
Who is ready to listen?

Everyone is blind
So do I gouge out my eyes?
Does that not sound foolish?

“The blind cannot lead the blind …” No! not on the Path!
There goes the thought of an Ancient Man of renown
They who see must determine the course of action

But do we see?
What is right?
In today, right is subjective …

But an assurance remains…
Of a day which comeths
A day which is very nigh
When those who see would lead and those who lead would see …
Yes! That day dawns upon us where those who see RIGHT, would be called leaders (by definition).

Let our eyes see …

A New Year’s Message

It’s still early in the year, and we must keep our focus on! The resolutions of yesternight calls on us to keep our faces straightened. As the minutes begin to trickle into hours which sums up to make days, we must begin concentration of our efforts onto our plans if we are going to achieve those resolutions of 31st night.

2018 is young, and so is our energy for the year. Let’s keep the focus on, and with all determinations, the God we believe would give us victory when the whistle that began this year stops us for the next!

What’s your resolve, friend?

Happy New Year, everyone!

Merry Christmas!!

Its yet here again! That moment of the year where love is felt the most! Christmas is the season.

Its been an honor having you around, Pals. Thank you for your times spent reading my posts, liking them, and even commenting on them. Wow wow wow … thank you soo much pals. How I wish I could come over to your abode, showing my appreciation with a big hug. Hey Guys, honestly, I do appreciate all your thumbs up for my posts and prayers for me.

Thanks to God, the Almighty, who is made this day possible; giving us His One and Beloved Son – Jesus.

Join me lets thank God, pals. Lets praise Him for His faithfulness towards us. Yes, certain things may not have gone as we’d planned , but hey! there is a lot to be thankful for. Lets do so by focusing on all He is done for us, building up all our faiths towards all He is promised us!  And lets enjoy the reason for the yuletide!

Merry Christmas!

Good in Bad

Do well to always look on the brighter side of events. Yes, its difficult to replace reality with concepts, but we must come to the cognizance that, those perceived realities were once concepts in themselves.
Yea, its difficult, but its achievable, and that’s what we must do!

Have a great day!