Something Interesting Worth Sharing

Background As a measure to maintain social distancing, commercial cars have been instructed to take just two to three people on a normal sitting arrangements which take upto three to four people respectively. Story Boarding a commercial vehicle which normally took maximum three people on a sitting row this morning, there was left three spaces … Continue reading Something Interesting Worth Sharing

Today’s Women

Women have always stood among human species. Their uniqueness is a source of universal marvel across world societies. Throughout history, the feminine influence have been very vivid. Talk of Harriet Tubman, Helen Johnson, Isabel Martinez de Peron, Ruth Anku Gbetanu, Ama Duncan, these prominent women have continually raised the standard judgement society have always meted … Continue reading Today’s Women

Good in Bad

Do well to always look on the brighter side of events. Yes, its difficult to replace reality with concepts, but we must come to the cognizance that, those perceived realities were once concepts in themselves. Yea, its difficult, but its achievable, and that's what we must do! Have a great day!