Enjoy June!

Happy New Month Everyone!!!
It’s June, and the year is getting awesome by each day!
Hallelujah, Hurray!!!
Even as it is a new month, may God refresh You in everything that concerns You.
May He Grant You new beginnings in everything You do and elevate You to a higher position than the last month.
Stay blessed everyone, Love Y’all!


Only Possibles!

Within the spheres of belief, there exists nothing like impossibility.
Impossibility is only an issue of the faithless! But we have faith, because we believe in love.
Life must be lived with love!
Any Hallelujahist, here?

Hope Your week is been great so far?
Joy around today as well

Be Good!

Never accept a bad reputation from anyone, because its not good.
Strive to be in the good books of everyone, most especially God. I said “strive” because You must do Your best, but that’s ok if everyone does not accept You. Just keep Your head straight and look forward — forward must be the goal.

Have a nice day, friend!



Make An Impact!

You do not have to know much things to do much things.

Just begin doing something with what You already know, and greater understanding, and deeper insights would be given as You do those things.
The greatest tragedy of existence is a lack of impact.
Make one! … You are capable!

Have a blessed day, and enjoy Your week!

Africa Arise!

Satisfaction has never brought about progress.
Discontentment is the fuel for development.
The greatest tragedy any nation could ever face is to have a people who are satisfied with the present state of everything.
All You see is not all there is, and all there is is not all there can be!
Progress is needed, and we (as individuals) play the core parts in our progress!

Africa has a hope, and our hope is brighter than anyone can see!

Challenge the Present!

Continually, we must be bent on taking decisions that challenge status quo.
Status quo is not all that society can be, nor is it the best state of society. We would have to continually aim at improvements.
Status quo must continually be challenged!
Our uniqueness must be felt.

Have a nice day, all the best in Your endeavors.